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Dive Training

Discover the greatest lagoon on Earth and live the unforgettable!
Make the most of your stay or your weekends to get trained…


French “ANMP” dive training sessions are organised by all centres in Noumea:


- Level 1: this is your passport to the underwater exploration world.

You will acquire the diving elementary bases, learn communication signs, and learn how to gear up your equipment. After this training session the water world is yours to explore down to 20 metres, accompanied by an instructor.


- Level 2: you will learn how to assist divers in difficulties and will get an initiation to deep dives. Prerogatives: be autonomous at 20m, and able to dive at 40m with an instructor.


- Level 3: this is the top of the diving pyramid.

Prerogatives: 60m with or without an instructor.


Two centres provide “PADI” training:


- Open Water: this is the way in to diving anywhere on Earth. It includes a theory test.


- Advanced: for those who want to perfect and get introduced to the various dive types. “Just for fun”.


- Rescue: for those who want to learn rescue techniques and know how to look after an injured diver.


- Divemaster: for those who want to be a professional diver. You will face various situations and learn how to guide a group of divers, do briefings etc. You will refine your theory knowledge.

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