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In the occasion of the tourism sector’s organisation the operators were conduced to gather as active partners partaking to all tourism promotion actions in New Caledonia (PDTCNC: New Caledonian Concerted Tourism Development Plan).


The Touristic and Water Activities Union federates 23 operators within 6 activity colleges (Charter: crew cruise, Boating hiring and Grand boating service, Diving, snorkelling and free diving, Taxi-Boat, Frequent passenger transport, and Other sport activities: jet-ski, wake-board, sailing school...


Our association has hence set up a communication plan to promote the sector’s activities.

This approach arose from three facts:


- Tourists, may they be foreigners, short-stay or longer-stay residents on the territory come to New Caledonia to “do something” rather than lasciviously wander between their hotel room and a beach square.


- Operators are often small, highly motivated professional groups that offer an impressive diversity of activities most of the time conducted very professionally (training, insurance, quality and knowledge of the product, willingness to excel, and investment quality). Though most of them are isolated in their commercial approaches the operators are of the very best advise to enthusiastically and accurately introduce and inform the tourists about the activities.


- Despite a greatly increased investment for promoting tourism in New Caledonia the number of tourists remains the same year after year. A new approach systematically animated by the operators and service providers should enable exploring a new way of promotion through multiple niches.

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