Humpback whales Observatory tours

Come and board for an unforgettable encounter in the South lagoon!
Come and meet the HUMBACK WHALES…

Every year, from July to September in the austral winter comes an important population of humpback whales in the South lagoon of New Caledonia: take the occasion to discover a type of wildlife ecotourism, come close to these animals, and enjoy their spectacular shows.


The whale watching tours take place from the 13th of July to the 15th of September 2019

The Maison du Lagon, as an information point, informs you on the different existing tours and helps you to find the proper provider for you and your family. We welcome visitors in our chalet at Port Moselle (next to the morning market, closed to the city center). Tel : +687 27 27 27 /

Booking is required directly with the provider.





=> Aboard a sailing catamaran :


With Caledonie Charter: from Prony or Nouméa everydays.

From Prony: 8am-4pm

- week days : 8500F/adult ; 7000F/child (3-12y.) and 3500F/child (1-2y.)

- week ends and public holidays : 10500F/adult ; 8000F/child (3-12y.) and 4000F/child (1-2y.)

From Nouméa: 6.30am-6.00 pm

- week days : 11500F/adult ; 10000F/child (3-12y.) and 5500F/child (1-2y.)

- week ends and public holidays : 13000F/adult ; 11500F/child (3-12y.) and 6000F/child (1-2y.)

Free - 1 year / Pic-nic to bring

Point of sale and informations : Calédonie Charter at Maison du Lagon from the 1st of July. 

Location: Port Moselle-Nouméa (chalet between the morning market and the Bout du Monde restaurant). +687 508 508 or


With Aito Charter from Prony or Nouméa everydays.

From Prony: 8am-4pm

- week days : 7500F/adult ; 6000F/child (2-12y.)

- week ends and public holidays : 9500F/adult ; 7000F/child (2-12y.)

From Nouméa: 6.30am-6.00 pm

- week days : 10500F/adult ; 9000F/child (2-12y.)

- week ends and public holidays : 12000F/adult ; 10500F/child (2-12y.)

Free - 2 year

Pic-nic to bring

Point of sale and informations : Chalet n°6 at Port Moselle-Nouméa (chalet between the morning market and the Bout du Monde restaurant) : +687 27 76 71 / on line booking possible :


=> Aboard a rigidhulled inflatable boat


Lhooq Taxi-boat (11 seats)

Observation at sea, stop at Casy islet for lunch (picnic to bring). Optional: meal in tribe at Ouen island (minimum 10 people), camping at Casy islet

From Prony only: 8am-4pm

- week days : 7000F/adult ; 5000F/child (2-12y.)

- week ends and public holidays : 8000F/adult ; 6000F/child (2-12y.)

Lhooq : +687 77 27 16 / on line booking :



=> with the Mary D company from Nouméa and on Saturdays every 2 weeks only


Whale watching with traditional lunch stop at island tribe of Ouen.

Board at 7.30 am from K2 deck Baie de la Moselle and departure at 8 am, return at 4 pm. Pick up and drop off hotels from Anse Vata or Lemon bay available.

Dates 2019 : JULY : Saturday 13th, Saturday 27th ; AUGUST : Wednesday 14th, Saturday 17th, Wednesday 21st, Saturday 24th ; SEPTEMBER : Saturday 7th

Alcohol strictely forbidden on board

Booking at the Mary D agency, Palm Beach mall on Anse Vata : +687 26 31 31 ou





=> Cruise : charter your own boat (sailing or motor catamaran, sailing monohull) with our without skipper.




Maison du Lagon

+687 27 27 27

mail :


Professional crews are all trained in wildlife approach techniques and have the knowledge and educative tools required for any cetaceous gentle observation.


NB: the lagoon is not a “Marineland” and whale watching remains subject to the wildlife’s “willingness to show up”.


Watch out this video of whales watching tour ==>

Tarifs - Prices :

From 7000F/adult

Please contact the Maison du Lagon : + 687 27 27 27 or at


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