Scubadiving : first, exploration dives and trainings

Incomparable richness and diversity!
Preserved, protected, and very little frequented sites!

Professional divers from all over the world come to New Caledonia to find what has almost disappeared everywhere else: disturbance-free waters, some of the most limpid waters on Earth inhabited by an exceptionally rich fauna: parrot fish, blue Maoris, groupers, manta rays and spotted eagle rays, reef sharks, tunas, lobsters and popinée (local small crustacean), turtles and dugongs…


All these marvels graciously evolve in a luxurious fixed fauna: cave walls covered with bryozoans, gorgonians, all sorts of sponges, multicolour foliaceous, massive or branching corals,…


Diving lovers will discover preserved, protected, very little frequented sites all over the archipelago.

Come and dive through the lagoon pristine tranquillity and the big marine rifts impressive drop-offs…

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