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Tarifs - Prices


Full chartering with crew

120 000F/day (=1006€)



Full chartering with crew

90000F/day (=754€)



Full chartering with crew from Nouméa

104000F/day (=872€)



Full chartering with crew

90000F/day (=754€)


in extra : full catering, evening departures, hostess => please contact Aito charter


Lower rates for longer stays

Aïto Charter

4 boats 4 adventures

Atouts - Assets

3 superb sailing catamarans at your disposal which combine comfort and performances…

"Aïto" has 4 double cabins and 2 toilets/showers. With its 55,7ft long it's a very spacious boat offering a welcoming, convivial and modern space.

"Wave Dancer" is fast and lightweight with optimized performance, savvy amateurs will appreciate this boat. has 3 double cabins, 1 simple cabin, 2 toilets/showers. Perfect for family cruises.

"Safran" is a charming and agreable boat who made its mark as a seaworthy sailboat with its 4 double cabins, 2 simple cabins and 4 toilets/showers. Departure from Koumac or Touho possible.


"Taka" is a motor boat comfortable and friendly, it offers a life on board optimized by these many spaces of life. Approved cruise for 8 passengers with these 4 double cabins, 2 bathrooms and 1 separate toilet.


Any destination possible:

- the South, Ile des Pins, the Forgotten Coast, the Loyaulty islands

- Vanuatu,…

Caractéristiques - Features

Name: AÏTO

Design: Sérénité 57

Manufacturer: Fioleau

Type: sailing catamaran

Length: 56,4ft ; width: 27ft

Draft: 3,11 ft

Capacity (without crew):

- for a day: 20 people

- for a cruise: 8 people



Design: Freydis 49

Manufacturer: Tournier Marine

Type: sailing catamaran

Length: 49,2ft, width: 25,6

Draft: 3,7ft

Capacity (without crew): 

- for a day: 9 people

- for a cruise: 6 people



Design: Belize 43

Manufacturer: Foutaine Pajot

Type: Sailing catamaran

Length: 42,6ft, width: 23ft

Draft: 4,26ft

Capacity (without crew): 

- for a day: 15 people

- for a cruise: 10 people


Name: TAKA

Design: Defever 57

Manufacturer: Trawler

Type: engine boat

Length: 58ft, width: 16,7ft

Draft: 5,57ft

Power: 2*225 cv

Capacity (without crew): 

- for a day: 12 people

- for a cruise: 8 people



Location: Aito charter, chalet n°6, Port Moselle - Nouméa


Gilles Watelot

(+687) 27 76 71
Numéro ANT : 09-004


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